The aim of the Coalition is to unite the NGOs in Lithuania in order to put equal rights for men and women into practice.

Coalition is:

  • A non- formal union of NGOs in Lithuania, organizing public movement in Lithuania to ensure gender equality de facto;
  • A joining bridge between ordinary women and social partners of the Coalition to transfer the current and realistic information from grass root level, to raise a problems in gender equality and suggest the ways of solving them;
  • A mechanism that influences public policy, governmental and parliamentary decisions while implementing the Law of Equal Rights for Men and Women, and UN Convention for eliminating all kinds of discrimination for women;
  • An open discussion forum in the Internet on the topics of equal rights, opportunities and results.

Social partners of the Coalition

  • Office of the Ombudsman of Equal Opportunities
  • Commission of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
  • Women’s Parliamentarians group
  • The adviser for Prime Minister on gender issues and NGOs

Coalition activities are supported by:

  •  European Commission Delegation in Lithuania
  •  Baltic-American Partnership Program
     US Embassy, Vilnius, Democracy Commission Small Grants Program
  • Ministry of Social Security and Labour, Lithuania

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